Monday, March 28, 2011

OpenVPN: Building and Integrating Virtual Private Networks

OpenVPN: Building and Integrating Virtual Private Networks

OpenVPN: Building and Integrating Virtual Private Networks

OpenVPN is a powerful, open source SSL VPN application. It can secure site-to-site connections, WiFi and enterprise-scale remote connections. While being a full-featured VPN solution, OpenVPN is easy to use and does not suffer from the complexity that characterizes other IPSec VPN implementations. It uses the secure and stable TLS/SSL mechanisms for authentication and encryption.

This book is an easy introduction to this popular VPN application. After introducing the basics of security and VPN, the book moves on to cover using OpenVPN, from installing it on various platforms, through configuring basic tunnels, to more advanced features, such as using the application with firewalls, routers, proxy servers, and OpenVPN scripting.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

15 Tips to Get More Out of that Crappy Show


I went to a show the other night and saw what every band hates: a shitty turnout. It was the day after St. Patrick's Day, so people had already spent their money the night before (and were still nursing their hangovers). Plus, the bands were from out of town. A perfect storm for a bad show.

Traveling up and down the coast, I've had my fair share of horrid shows. It always sucks and never makes you feel good. I've always just drank and bitched with the band-mates right after the show. I didn't take the time to make that show pay off in the future.

So, from my past experience and just seeing these bands play a poorly attended show, here's some observations that I think would help turn that show into an opportunity for more fans and a better future turnout.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Ways of Celebrating a Fabulous Wedding Anniversary

Wedding anniversary is very important to celebrate because it symbolizes on how both of you start to love and to accept each other unconditionally. Isn’t it that when you think of how close your anniversary comes, you get more excited and thrilled on what will happen on that special moment? Indeed, because wedding anniversary is one of the occasions that keep you busy for a couple of days ahead from the exact date just to ensure that you will have the most unforgettable moment with your spouse. It will make both of you reminisce the moment when you conquer the whole world just to show how much you really love each other.

However, you have to think of unique ways that will make your partner cry in so much gladness. Ideally, you have to look back on the things which you haven’t done for a long period of time, most especially if both of you are busy. You should go have a diner date with candle light and wine. Choose the most romantic ambiance wherein both of you will look back to those old but unforgettable memories that you once have. You can enjoy having the sweetest dance during the night and you can watch the stars while talking about your past memories when you are so young and crazy in love.

Moreover, the marriage advice from experts usually tells that you must take a vacation like you are having a honey moon. In this manner, you will both stop on what you are doing like working and you will give way for the time that both of you will be together alone. If you have children, it is best that you leave them with somebody who can take care of them. Don’t be guilty because married couple needs to be alone even just in a while. This will make your marriage grows stronger and you will keep the fire burning with so much affection and love.

On the other hand, you can also stay at home and create a fabulous dinner. Most especially if you have a garden outside, you can transform it to have passionate settings. You can still have dinner with candle light and wine while enjoying the cold breeze from the wind. In addition, for wife, you must be at your sexiest and most appealing outfit to make your husband go speechless in awesome. For husband, you must not forget to give your wife flowers to make her feel that she is the most special woman in your life. Not only that, because you can look at your favourite video on your wedding or get your wedding albums to take a glance and to remember the days when you tie the knot to be together eternally.

Save my marriage” are the usual lines that you can hear from other couples because their marriage becomes unclear. One of the reasons why couples end up with divorce is simply because they forget to give time to be intimate such like ignoring anniversaries. Likewise, if you don’t want this to happen, carefully plan your anniversary and make every single moment that you are together as if it is your last.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Women, the best freaking firewall in the world

  1. One human cell contains 75MB genetic information.
  2. One sperm contains a half of that; that is 37.5MB.
  3. One ml of semen contains 100 million sperms.
  4. In average, ejaculation lasts for 5 sec and contains 2.25 ml semen.
  5. This means that the throughput of a man’s member is equal to (37.5MB x 100,000,000 x 2.25)/5 = 1 687 500 000 000 000 byte/second = 1,6875 Тerabyte/sec

This means that the female eggcell withstands this DDoS attack at 1,5 terabyte per second, and only lets through one(!) data package, thereby being the best freaking hardware firewall in the world!

The downside of it is that this only small data package that it lets through, hangs the system for the whole of 9 months!

Monday, October 25, 2010

How to Make Bacon Candy for Halloween

With Halloween coming up, it’s probably a good idea to start thinking of what sorts of treats you are going to serve the neighbourhood kids. Kids can be picky eaters, so it is probably a good idea to pick something you know everyone loves: bacon. But to make it more Halloween-y, why not make some candied bacon?

Making candied bacon is a lot like making it with brown sugar – but with a key difference. With brown sugar it gives it a light, sweet flavouring. The candying process we are describing here will make the sweet flavour more intense and candy-like. Here’s how you do it.

1. Cook the bacon the way you normally would. You can fry it in a pan or bake it. Choose the method that is most convenient for you. When the bacon shrinks but has not yet become crispy hard, take it out of the pan or the oven. Let it cool off on some paper towels to remove any excess grease.

2. Measure out the sugar. The amount of sugar you’ll want to use will depend on how much bacon you want to make. About a quarter to a third of a cup will work. To really make it sweet, use white sugar instead of brown. You’ll also want to cook the sugar in a frying pan or sauce pan – you won’t get the same effect by baking.

3. Cut up the bacon you’ve prepared into small pieces and layer it on the bottom of the frying pan. Sprinkle the sugar on top until you have a fine layer over all of the bacon. Cook the bacon and sugar on medium-low until the sugar melts. You’ll want to keep the heat as low as possible, and to keep an eye on it, to ensure that it doesn’t burn.

4. When the sugar has melted and become liquid, stir the bacon around so that it is covered on all sides. Cook it until the bacon looks shiny. Then take out the bacon and put it on wire rack to cool off. Don’t let the pieces of bacon touch each other unless you want them to stick together.

When the bacon is cool, you’ll have a delicious treat ready! You can keep the candied bacon in the fridge – it will taste good cold or at room temperature. And I’m sure the kids in your street will love it.

If you want a variation on this recipe, add honey or Dijon mustard to the sugar when you are cooking it. And if you have an ice cream maker, throw the candied bacon bits into vanilla ice cream. It’ll taste delicious. In fact, candied bacon can be added to many different recipes. Why not experiment with your own?

Image source by professor evil

Monday, October 18, 2010

Warning: Cigarettes kill ! !