Wednesday, February 3, 2010

9 Businesses You Can Start In Your Pajamas in 2010

Internet Marketing –– Jason Sadler,

So you've got a ton of friends on Facebook and a loyal Twitter following. Why not profit off them? Jason Sadler has found a way to capitalize on all the hype surrounding social media marketing. Three-hundred sixty-five days a year, Sadler serves as a live billboard for companies and charities on all the major social media sites. Sadler, who launched at the end of 2008, wears a shirt a day, and sells each calendar day according to its numerical value. On January 10, for example, a company would pay Sadler $10 to wear its shirt. He works from his home in Jacksonville, Florida, and leverages his social media following by blogging, tweeting, filming a live video show, and updating his Facebook photo, all while wearing the designated T-shirt of the day. And, yes, he will still wear your shirt to a wedding, or even if he's sick in bed. Now that the idea has taken off, Sadler has hired a West Coast counterpart -- with a whole new following -- to expand the company's marketing reach.

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