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The 12 Of The Best Escape The Room Games

The Japanese-inspired Escape the Room games are among the most elaborate, time consuming and challenging games you can find online. The games combine all sorts of puzzles and riddles with the detective work of looking for hidden objects and clues. Some of them are elaborate with plots and stories, and others are as simple as breaking out of a sealed telephone booth.

This are 12 of the best Escape the Room games out there – and it’s ideal place to start if you’ve never played these games before.

1. Submachine Series

The series of 9 Submachine escape games will definitely keep you on your toes. You won’t find yourself trapped in just one room, but rather in a labyrinth of rooms that you have to navigate.

In Submachine 0 you’re trapped outside for a change, and are trying to find your way into a dark, ancient chamber.

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In Submachine 1 you’re trapped in an underground labyrinth.

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In Submachine 2 you’re trying to find your way out of an abandoned lighthouse.

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In Submachine 3 they’ve really turned the labyrinth aspect of the game up a few notches.

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In Submachine 4 you start out on the roof of an old house, and start the game by finding your way in.

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In Submachine 5 you’re trapped in another underground labyrinth.

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In Submachine FLF you start out trapped in a white padded cell.

And in the newest game, Submachine 32 Chambers, you guessed it, you’re in the mother of all labyrinths, trying to find your way out.

2. The Crimson & Viridian Rooms

The Crimson Room is a classic Escape the Room game, and if you’re a fan of the genre, you’re bound to have given it a try. Look for clues to eventually get the bedroom door open.

The sequel to the Crimson Room, the Viridian Room is just as challenging. You’ve broken out of the bedroom, and now you have to use the same tactics to escape a slightly creepier room.

3. Neutral Escape Games

Neutral has a great series of Escape the Room games, with some of the most impressive graphics you’re going to find in this genre, and they are by no means easy. Save your game and come back to it later, so you can still attempt to lead a semi-normal life while trying to crack these games.

The Neutral games going from easiest to hardest are Switch, Sphere, RGB, Lights and Vision, and there’s a new one in the works.

4. Mystery of Time and Space

The Mystery of Time and Space is the great granddaddy of Escape the Room games with 20 levels to solve. Like the Neutral games, you’ll be happy to know that you can save your progress and come back to the game later.

5. The Doors

The Doors is another labyrinth of an escape game, with rooms and doors that seem to go on forever.

6. The Haunted

The Haunted begins with you standing out in the rain in front of a dark house. You have to find your way into the house and figure out your next step from there in a game that can get pretty creepy, music and all.

7. Ant Hill Trap

If The Haunted proves to be too scary for you, you could always try something completely different with Ant Hill Trap. With some of the cutest graphics ever in an Escape the Room game, this one is suitable for adults and kids alike.

8. Afro-Ninja Escape Series

Afro-Ninja has a series of 5 mini-games that are challenging, but less elaborate than the others listed here, if you want a quick fix for your Escape the Room addiction.

In Series 1, you have to make your way out of a locked car.

In Series 2, you find yourself locked in a closet.

In Series 3, you’re stuck in a phone booth. (It doesn’t get much tighter than this!)

In Series 4, you’re trapped in the bathroom.

And in the latest Series 5, you’re stuck in a freezer, with a new added twist not often found in Escape the Room Games. You’re racing against the clock to avoid dying of hypothermia.

9. Railway to Heaven

Railway to Heaven is another mini-escape game where you’re racing against the clock. You’re trapped in a cage on a railroad track and you don’t have too long to figure out how to get out before it’s too late.

10. Guest House

Guest House is a challenging game filled with riddles, puzzles, and quite a few Macgyver tactics that have to be used to find your way out.

11. Murder Escape

In Murder Escape, you’re stuck in a room with a disconcerting pool of blood seeping in from under the door. Find the clues to get out.

12. No Exit

No Exit is a challenging Escape the Room game which really tests your powers of observation.

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What are your favourite Escape the Room games? Let us know in the comments.

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