Monday, September 13, 2010

iSendr: Send files directly to another computer over the web

Using the service is dead simple: you simply head over the website, click “share file” and point the website toward the file you wish to share. You’ll be given a link to share the file with, which you will share with your friend (you can optionally password protect the file if you’re worried about security). They paste the link into a web browser and presto: they have your file.

send files directly to another computer

This is a really nice tool if you’re looking to do a quick file transfer without installing any software. Best of all, your transfer is completely secure: the iSender team cannot see what files you’re sharing, as the file is never actually on their servers. This tool is quick, easy and safe; there’s no reason not to give it a shot.


  • Web-based tool for quick file transfers.
  • Point the site toward any file and you’ll be given a link for sharing it.
  • Link allows someone to download the file directly from your computer.
  • Similar tools: FilesOverMiles, PipeBytes and JetBytes.

Check out iSendr @

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