Monday, September 13, 2010

New Tech Solar/Electric Bus Drives ‘Over’ Cars And Other Vehicles

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Talk about reinventing the wheel…

As global city populations grow, authorities need to come up with a new and ever increasing way to accomodate the masses. Nowhere else is transportation more challenging than in big cities.

In an effort to solve this problem, many big cities such as New York and London have adapted in the last century by adding an underground transportation network based on what is probably today one of the first methods ever invented to move a group of people from A to B.....

However, today buses are almost equally popular as a mode of transportation, and a Chinese company has decided to once again tackle the problem of mass transport within China by thinking ‘outside the box’. The company, Shenzhen Hashi Future Parking Equipment Co has developed the ‘straddling’ bus concept (3D Fast Bus), able to transport in the region of about 1200 people at a time.

But this is no ordinary bus. It runs over, or above, the rest of the traffic, while cars motorbikes and other moving vehicles travel underneath the bus. Sure, it runs at only 40 km/h, but again, it transports around 1200 people at a time. Actually, the concept makes me think more of a massive overhead, moving building, than a bus.

The new concept is reportedly also a major leap in saving fuel, saving over 800 tons of fuel each year, reducing the carbon emissions by more than 2000 tons each year. A district in Beijing, called Mentougou, is reportedly already planning route in excess of 180km, with construction beginning at the end of this year – reportedly.

The bus will be powered by solar energy and electricity.

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